Our food menu changes frequently to incorporate the best available local ingredients and the creativity of our staff and other local artisans. We pride ourselves on sourcing all of the components for our daily menu directly from local producers using organic practices (certified or not certified), and embrace the challenge of working with common and uncommon ingredients. In the tradition of the tavernas, tapas bars, farmhouses, and street corners we take inspiration from, we strive to keep our food affordable, while maintaining an uncompromising approach to quality.



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A few generations after being subdued by Prohibition, cider is re-emerging as the characteristic drink of the northeastern US, thanks to a landscape still dotted with abandoned and wild trees and a new wave of cidermakers inspired by them. At Perennial, we prioritize ciders made using traditional techniques and heirloom varieties, as well as those featuring wild apples and “new” varieties propagated from local seedling trees. We are excited to offer cider in a variety of formats including draughts, glass pours, whole bottles, and flights.  Most of our ciders are dry or off-dry, though we also feature a few well done semi-sweet options. More than anything, our cider menu is meant to be a place to find what you love, even if you don’t know what you like yet. Our staff is here to help! If you already love cider, we look forward to sharing the most interesting, complex ciders our region has to offer and hearing what you think. From here forward, cider is a conversation and we want to have it with you.


Our Shop


Sometimes you don’t have the time to come in for a drink, snack, or meal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have great cider whenever you want it. During our afternoon prep hours, Perennial invites you to pop in and browse our selection of artisanal cider vinegars, value added foods from our kitchen and other local producers, as well as fresh ingredients from Sight Unseen Woods. Come see us for your favorite local standards, as well as rare or hard to find ciders not carried anywhere else in Maine.